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With our state-of-the-art sound and video systems, world-class catering options, top-rate staff, full kitchen, three stocked bars, gorgeous dining room, and spectacular music hall, Lincoln Hall is perfect for your next private event.

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Fri. Apr 25 2014
Friday, April 25 2014
10:00 PM | 18+
Lincoln Hall
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It was the kind of bar where nobody nice goes on the kind of street where nobody nice lives, which is probably what made it so cheap, which is definitely what made We Are Scientists take meetings there. Not that Murray & Cain were cheap, but they could do math just fine. If they were sticking a quarter into a video game machine, they’d just as soon the thrills last for more than thirty seconds. Same with buying a lady dinner. Of course it had been a long time since video games or dinner with a lady cost a quarter, and anyway they weren’t looking for video games or ladies, except in the deep-down quiet way that men always are. They were looking for a producer.

Murray & Cain, they’re the guys who started We Are Scientists 13 years ago. Fresh out of college and bored by their day jobs, they figured rehearsing a rock & roll band would eat up the long slow evenings. Only it backfired, because the band panned out. Now nothing eats up their long slow days, except proving that a busted clock is wrong nearly all the time, and if you watch a pot long enough, eventually it boils.

They ordered two whiskies, no ice, filled to spilling. Those were for Cain. Murray took a squid-looking thing made of plastic tubes from his briefcase and handed five of the six tentacles to the bartender, who attached them to the five closest taps. Murray stuck the free end into his mouth and nodded, and the bartender opened the taps. That’s when Chris Coady stepped out of the gloom.

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Sat. Apr 26 2014
Saturday, April 26 2014
10:00 PM | 21+
Lincoln Hall
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James Baghaw (vocals, guitar), Tom Warmsley (bass, backing vocals), Sam Toms (drums)and Adam Smith (keys), comprise Kettering's newest (and only?) psychedelic pop band, Temples. After the release of their debut 7” 'Shelter Song', recorded in their own Pyramid Studios, Temples quickly became centre of attention, packing out rooms all over their home country, garnering praise from the likes of Johnny Marr, Noel Gallagher and Robert Wyatt, and being featured in publications including the NME (“one of the brightest new lights of the current psych scene”), MOJO (“Rising”), Drowned in Sound, and The Guardian.

Two more singles followed, "Colours To Life" and "Keep In The Dark", and Temples go on their first full headline tour of the UK this Autumn, including a show at London's Electric Ballroom, followed by dates in the US and Japan. Their debut album is currently being recorded and will be released on Heavenly Recordings in the UK and Fat Possum Records in the US, in January 2014.

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Sun. Apr 27 2014
(FREE For Non-Walkers)
Sunday, April 27 2014
1:30 PM | All Ages
Lincoln Hall
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Tickets: $15 for one (1), $55 for four (4) ticket family pack, FREE for non-walkers. If purchasing the four (4) ticket family pack, please note that one (1) ticket will cover entry for four (4) people.

Hundreds of thousands of kids aged 6 months to 6 years, dancing their little booties off (to real disco music!) at some of the coolest clubs in the world while their parents sip cocktails, munch on organic snacks and dance along with their kids.

Baby Loves Disco transforms the world’s coolest nightclubs into child-proof discos.

Make no mistake, this is not the Mickey Mouse Club, and Barney is banned. Baby Loves Disco is an afternoon dance party featuring real music spun and mixed by real DJs blending classic disco tunes from the 70s & 80s guaranteed to get those little booties moving and grooving.

The fun spills out from all corners of the club: bubble machines, egg shakers, a chill-out room (with tents, books and puzzles), diaper changing stations, a full spread of healthy snacks and dancing…LOTS of dancing.

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Tue. Apr 29 2014
Tuesday, April 29 2014
8:00 PM | 18+
Lincoln Hall
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An undiscovered island. An epic journey. An illustrious ship. Known just by its name and its logo, Galantis could be all or none of these things. A Google search only turns up empty websites and social pages, and mention of a one-off A-Trak collaboration. Is it beats? Art? Something else entirely?

At the most basic level, Galantis is two friends making music together. The fact that they’re Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow, aka Style of Eye, is what changes the plot. The accomplished duo’s groundbreaking work as Galantis destroys current electronic dance music tropes, demonstrating that emotion and musicianship can indeed coexist with what Eklow calls “a really really big kind of vibe.”

“Galantis is about challenging, not following.” says Karlsson.


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Wed. Apr 30 2014
Wednesday, April 30 2014
7:00 PM | 18+
Lincoln Hall
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Political provocateurs. Social agitators. Punk’s reigning contrarians. The Mekons have been called all this and more. Revenge of the Mekons chronicles the unlikely story of a group of radical British art students who formed in the first blast of punk rock in 1977. Against all odds—and despite a career consigned to the margins—the Mekons continue to tour and make adventurous and challenging albums, despite the fact that its eight members are separated by thousands of miles across two continents. Adored with cult-like devotion by fans and critics alike, the Mekons have redefined themselves and their music repeatedly over the years while staying true to the punk ethos. But the Mekons are more than just a band. They’re also an art collective whose members make art individually, collectively and in collaboration with other avant-garde artists. A rich and illuminating account of a fascinating, criminally under-recognized band, Revenge of the Mekons is a lively, inspiring and entertaining film—with killer music, to boot!

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